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Congratulations! You have within your hands at this very moment arguably the most powerful resource available to get your phone ringing off the hook with truly, truly motivated sellers. The entire business of buying and selling homes starts and ends with being able to have a steady supply of “can’t lose” deals each and every month which is exactly what 800-BUY-KWIK is all about.

I’m here to reveal to you how 800-BUY-KWIK can exceed your profit expectations with a very comprehensive program containing multiple streams of income. As a national real estate speaker and teacher, I have appeared and taught at real estate groups, conventions, “boot camp” seminars, and personally counseled numerous investors.

My thousands of students will attest that my primary emphasis is on marketing and consequently turning deals into fast cash. The reason I quickly preference my personal background for you is simply to emphasize only one point: In all my real estate experience, knowledge and networking I personally feel 800-BUY-KWIK is by far the most valuable resource and strategic alliance a serious real estate investor could ever choose!

First off, let me be very up front and state this program is for everyone as we have made it possible the marketing mediums of Television, Radio, and Billboards now available with nationally proven effectiveness. The results of 800-BUY-KWIK are for market domination and there is strength in numbers which is why it is a tremendous advantage. That is why 800-BUY-KWIK “pools” the marketing dollar resources from many investors and rotates motivated seller phone calls proportionally through our state-of-the-art phone system when the mediums of Television, Radio, and Billboards are used. So, we’ve now broken down the barriers that have traditionally kept investors both big and small from utilizing these high-end premium marketing mediums.

The potential positive financial combined impact of 800BuyKwik.com and 1- 800-BUY-KWIK , can launch your real estate business to become extremely profitable in both short and long-term strategic planning. With prudently combined strategic alliances and ground-breaking resources the results can far exceed simply enhancing your existing business. Rather, reach a level only .0001% of real estate investors may ever dare to achieve.

What 800-BUY-KWIK Is All About

What companies do you associate the following phrases?

  • Just Do It
  • We Do Chicken Right
  • We Try Harder

Right away you recognize I’m referring to Nike, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Avis. This is referred to as brand identity and it is extremely important to you as a real estate investor.

Do you want to be? Tim Jones House Buyers, family owned & operated since 1979 OR would you rather be 800-BUY-KWIK, America’s #1 Kwik Home Buyer!

It’s not really even fair to make the comparison is it? That is the power of brand identity within your market and 800-BUY-KWIK can be the ticket to get you there in the shortest amount of time in the most profitable manner possible!

Make no mistake, 800-BUY-KWIK is all about DOMINATING a market. This is a “scientific” approach with the use of strategically placed media buys from financial resources  of many investors within that market.

Just What Exactly is the 800-BUY-KWIK Program?

Our intent is to provide the most qualified applicant with marketing resources previously unattainable, cost-prohibitive or simply not available until now! This program is exactly for the type of individual(s) who are true “go-getters” and want to secure a sizeable portion of deals in their area, and even dominate their market. This program can be that powerful in hands of the qualified!

The entire 800-BUY-KWIK program is built around marketing 101 basics in order to build a superior marketing machine:

Message: Matching up the most effective communication to the most applicable audience prompting to action. example…Get the message to someone who is in financial peril about to lose all their equity in their house to call 800-BUY-KWIK right now!

Reach: Having the maximum number of the target market hearing the 800-BUY-KWIK message on the lowest marketing dollar invested. i.e..is it better to invest $50 in a commercial advertisement reaching 8,000 households of your target demographic market, or rather to invest $125 reaching 26,000 households of your target demographic market? It is all about reaching the maximum demographic target market at the lowest cost per thousand.

Frequency: The amount of times your targeted message reaches the desired target market. i.e..brand identity gets stronger and stronger the more often a specific message reaches the target market, and subsequently compels an increasing number of the target market to act upon your request of calling 800-BUY-KWIK right now to sell their house today.

800-BUY-KWIK is simply not for everyone. We qualify real estate investors for this one-of-a-kind program because we can get your phone ringing off the hook, but ultimately it takes someone meeting someone face to face to make deals happen.

What Are The Resources?

With 800-BUY-KWIK you will have “THE” ultimate package for achieving the financial success others only wish they could have. Here is a brief overview of what is included in this masterfully orchestrated marketing program for results that are intended to be truly overwhelming:

1) 800-BUY-KWIK—You will enjoy the ultimate in an “800” vanity phone number which truly motivated sellers will be able to mentally retain. This strong phone number branding 800-BUY-KWIK could be YOUR image. Calls will be routed from within your area to any phone number(s) you choose and can even include call-centers so you don’t miss any leads when call after call can come in from just one commercial advertisement. Our custom phone delivery and routing system is state of the art and of the highest quality.

2) 800BuyKwik.com—Having a strong Internet presence for truly successful real estate investing is not a preference, but a requirement for elite investors. Capturing leads online and/or promoting the “800” vanity phone number presence for motivated sellers to contact you directly is achieved with this powerful domain. The whole concept of 800BuyKwik.com is this: GET THE SELLER TO CALL 800-BUY-KWIK! When motivated sellers go online, they don’t need to see a bunch of “eye-candy” garbage! That is exactly why our site has been meticulously labored over and tested to prompt the seller to:

A) Call 800-BUY-KWIK right now to talk with the representative within their areaor

B) Fill out a simple online form which will be routed to the 800-BUY-KWIK representative so they can contact the seller immediately.

Its all about prompting the motivated seller to action whether it be by phone or online..contact the 800-BUY-KWIK representative now!

3) High-End Broadcast TV & Radio Commercials and Billboards—-Just one: THIRTY second TV commercial can cost you anywhere from $7,000-$10,000 for the production cost alone! Being a representative of 800-BUY-KWIK will allow you access to pre-produced TV and Radio commercials already produced and of the absolute highest quality and effectiveness. There will be on-going production of TV & Radio commercials of which will available at no additional cost to the 800-BUY-KWIK representative. In addition, we have the most effective Billboard advertisements with powerful vanity number for memory retention.

We at 800-BUY-KWIK have spent years of “real world” research applications using this day in and day out. This is why we’re providing even stronger memory retention with a professionally created and tested musical “jingle” on all commercials. Have you ever not been able to get a tune out of your head that just seemed to stick? Well, in all our TV and Radio commercials we’re further driving in brand identity and awareness with the 800-BUY-KWIK “jingle”. The end result is just going to have even higher degree of effectiveness to prompt that seller to call 800-BUY-KWIK right now!

4) With 800-BUY-KWIK’s logo spread throughout your market area, directed to your target audience, it enables you to become very well known within your community as the “KWIK” Home Buyer. Now, when someone needs to sell fast for any reason it will be, “oh, I need to call those guys that buy houses on TV and I heard on the radio while seeing their billboard driving down the road..800-BUY-KWIK!

Let’s Put It All In Perspective

I would hope at the very least your attention level has peaked with interest if not sheer excitement too. That is why it is imperative to act immediately to become one of the 800-BUY-KWIK licensees and get your phone ringing with motivated sellers!

We at 800-BUY-KWIK are accessible RIGHT NOW to discuss further with right now at 1-800-998-1214 how you will soon be associated with the one organization that can possibly help you attain profit potentials never dreamed of before. The here and nowis here and now.